Carl cook # 5 sunglasses


A portion of our sales goes to the Wildlife Conservation of Canada!

  • Blue w/multi colour Skateboard Wood sunglasses
  • Polarized Lenses (400 UV protection)
  • Float on Water
  • Eco-friendly
  • Colour: Blue

Junglewood Bamboo polarized sunglasses that float. These sunglasses are anti reflective with is good for eyes. One component that individuals need to focus on while obtaining shades is their weight. Shades that are substantial can be a wellspring of a considerable amount of inconvenience as they feel like a weight all over. Such shades additionally leave a blemish on your nose. Weight isn’t something that you should be stressed over with regards to these match of shades. They are very light in weight, so you can be guaranteed that they will offer you flexibility. Junglewood Bamboo sunglasses are light to wear and comes in various shapes and size.