08 Jan Who plays Lacrosse??

For the past 6 years. Lacrosse has been the fastest growing sport in US high schools for both girls and boys. But that leaves us with some questions, who exactly is picking up the sport? Is it accessible for all demographics? Is it affordable? To look...

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03 May Canadian Lacrosse 2018: In the game or on the bench?

It’s an exciting time in the international world of Lacrosse! The International World Games Association (IWGA) just approved the return of both women’s and men’s Lacrosse to the World Games.[1] National Lacrosse League (NLL) playoffs begin next week. And the Men’s World Championships are just 69...

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24 Apr Reducing plastic or just grasping at straws??

by Guest Blogger Kyera Cook Who would have guessed that small plastic tubes would be getting as much media attention as the newest addition to the Royal Family?! At this point it seems most are aware of the negative environmental impacts of the disposable plastics. No...

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