Protect your eyes and the environment at the same time.

A portion of our sales goes to the Wildlife Conservation of Canada!

  • Stained black bamboo
  • Blue revo polarized lense (400 UV protection)
  • Float on Water
  • Eco-friendly

Wooden sunglasses are perfect for this summer. You can catch the wave and help us to save the environment. How? Well, a portion of our sales goes to The Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada.

wooden sunglasses

Elephant Bamboo Sunglasses

African Elephant

All junglewood sunglasses are named after endangered species. There are two major types of elephants in the world, namely, African and Asian. Both of these are facing the danger of extinction as the ivory hunters are posing serious threat to the very existence of the largest mammals on earth.

You can help to save these animals by buying bamboo products . Why? Because they are eco-friendly and support a good cause.

Also bamboo can grow really fast so it can be easily obtained without damaging soils and the environment.

Junglewood Sunglasses are polarized, cool and they can also float on water!